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Causes Of Hearing Loss

Hearing ability comes as an essential part of communication and living in general. Hearing loss comes about when sound signals are unable to reach the brain. Losing one’s sense of hearing can be detrimental as it creates a communication barrier between people. While some people are born unable to hear, some lose it later in life due to many reasons. Some are health related while others are caused by environmental conditions that people are exposed to.

Factors leading to hearing loss

  • Age

This happens to be the most common reason why people turn deaf. As people advance in age, their sensitivity to sound tends to decrease. This is commonly seen in people above the age of 50. This can be scientifically explained as a result of worn out nerves or hair cells in the ear’s cochlea. The older people grow, their sensitivity to high pitched sounds, and in most cases, they turn deaf eventually.

  • Loud noises

It is always recommended for people working in industries that produce a lot of noise should wear protective gear for their ears. Loud noise is another leading cause of hearing loss among people. Loud noise may cause the eardrum to rupture, or it reduces the sensitivity of hair cells in the ear resulting in gradual or instant hearing loss. People working with noisy equipment and those in night clubs that often have loud music playing are at high risk of developing hearing problems. Most people do not take it seriously but listening to loud music on headphones as well is a cause of hearing loss.

  • Genes

A large number of people are born deaf in the world necessitating that they learn sign language when young. For these people, you cannot attribute their inability to hear to age or exposure to loud noises. Sometimes inherited genes are a cause of hearing loss. When this defect tends to run in the family, the chances are high that one would be born deaf or lose hearing early in life.

  • Infections

There are many infections of the ear. Some that affect the organ indirectly and may result in hearing loss. Illnesses such as mumps and measles are known to have an effect on a person’s hearing, and if not treated in time, it may result in hearing loss. Other illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease are also known to cause a gradual loss of the ability to hear.