The face is an essential part of the body with a great focus going to the mouth. A good and healthy mouth is a source of self-confidence to people since they are able to talk or express their ideas without always having to conceal their mouths. Oral ensures pearl white teeth, a good smell as well and translates to a healthy body. Achieving oral hygiene may be a challenge to most people as it requires a lot of effort.

Tips for healthy mouth

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There have always been a number of advertisements on the television, radio or even bill boards that encourage people to brush teeth after every meal. It is, however, a hard for most people to brush their teeth after every meal due to the strict time schedules and the need to always be at work. An easier and more efficient way to care for your teeth, therefore, is brushing them before going to bed and after the first meal of the day. Also, remember to change your toothbrush after every three months to avoid buildup of bacteria in the mouth.


What you eat will always determine what color your teeth will turn out to be after some time. We may not know it but many foods we eat stain our teeth. Alcohol, red wine, cigarettes and dark juices are notorious teeth strainers which you need to keep off or if by any chance you consume any of these items, make sure to brush your teeth immediately. Also, consider including “detergent foods” in your diet. These include apples, celery, and carrots.


Cleaning the tongue

The teeth tongue is one part of the body where a lot of bacteria are harbored. If not taken care of properly, the tongue can cause you some serious breath problems. To keep the tongue clean, you can always use a tongue scrapper to get rid of plague presence in the tongue. This is a better way of cleaning the tongue compared to using your regular toothbrush.

Mouth wash

Fresh breath is a great aspect of oral hygiene as it is evidence that there are no unwanted bacteria in the mouth. A cheap way of finding out how good your breath feels involves licking your wrist and smelling it. If there is any scent present, it is high time you consider using mouth wash. When purchasing mouth wash, be careful to go for one with no alcohol. Alcohol makes the mouth dry increasing its susceptibility to harmful bacteria.