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Tips to Get and Keep your Skin Clear

Clear skin is something we all want, but we are not blessed with it naturally. While some people may have naturally clear skin, most people work hard and do everything they can to get to it. Clearer is great for your beauty, and it is not difficult to achieve. The following tips will help you achieve this.

Restrict cosmeticscosmetics

Despite the fact that women and even men love makeup, if you have blemishes it is advisable that you restrict how you use cosmetics as much as possible. While makeup can give you the flawless-looking skin appearance you yearn for, it is part of the problem. Most of these cosmetics contain chemicals which are harmful to the skin if used for a long time. If you have to use makeup, apply it only when it is necessary like night out or photo session. Opt for using the most natural, best brands available. Also, replace the brushes to kill bacteria. Finally, ensure you remove all the makeup before you sleep as leaving it makes your pores clogged.

Keep it clean

Keeping the skin clean is a vital tip for clear skin since most pimples and infections arise as a result of oily and dirty skin. Use a cleansing lotion or a homemade cleanser to wash the face after being exposed to dust, pollution, sun and after sweating. While engaging in activities that induce sweat like dancing, exercise and sports can help make your skin healthy you will need to wash afterward to unclog the skin pores.

Maintain healthy diets

A nutritious diet is a key to having a younger-looking and clearer skin. Additionally, taking foods rich in antioxidants can help protect the skin against ill-effects of free radicals that come with age. Free radicals can damage your skin texture and also increase wrinkle development on the skin. Foods such as green leafy vegetables, fruits, and vegetable juices are antioxidants and can help you.


Following a daily exercise routine will promote healthy skin. This is because exercise stimulates your blood circulation and this has a positive impact on the skin’s overall appearance. Proper blood circulation is important for transporting nutrients to your skin.

Avoid smoking

smokingSmoking has an immediate effect on your skin besides causing respiratory problems. The chemicals in cigarettes can cause damage to the cells of your body including the skin cells. Smoking makes your skin dehydrated and thus lead to more wrinkles on the face.

The skin plays a vital role in the body, and it is important to keep it healthy. These tips can improve the feel and look of your skin.